The necessity of backing up online became obvious in United States after Katerina hurricane, when thousands of digital lives has been lost in a few days. Antivirus and hard disk storage were of course no help against those kinds of disasters.

Most of computer users are now using free antivirus, understanding that a backup is the only real security to save their digital life. Business of local storage is still huge when a real quick use is needed, even so hard disk like computer will all crash once in their lifetime.

With will have the opportunity to compare all storage solution, local and online, softwares and services. We made our rating and giving you full advices and prices comparasions. Full reviews are provided, posts, clients experiences … and of course your experience welcome.

But what is finaly a backup online storage ?

The all idea is to have a full copy of all your files on the cloud, so that if your computer or hard disk crash, or is stolen, you can re upload it all on a new devices. Your files are save “on the cloud” means online, of course secure, encrypted.

Most of services will aload to share those files from multiples devices or users, up to your choice, and with different autorization levels. When choosing your service, take care that they have an automatic backup system synchronization. Choose the files you want to backup, create folders online, automate synchronization, access anytime anywhere …


What are the differences between services ?

Prices, size storage, numbers of multiple users, lengh in time subscription, support … all of those in a mix gives the best and worst from a service … a job we made for you !

Follow our reviews, trust us or make your own point fo view, we hope you will be pleased with our service and the provider you will go for … nothing is more important than yours and your family life, memories are now digitals, save it from disasters !
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